I. Purpose
II. Scope
III. Definitions
IV. Minors on Campus
V. Guidelines and Responsibilities
VI. Reporting Potential Crimes Involving Minors
VII. Registration
VIII. Enforcement
IX. Random Audits, Policy Implementation and Modification
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

Protection of Minors Policy                             Download Protection of Minors Policy here

In late 2011, when news of the child abuse scandal at Penn State first broke, Robert Morris University formed the Risk, Culture and Policy Task Force. This cross-functional group has worked since that time to assess our current policies, procedures, and the university culture. Many positive changes have resulted from this group, including:

  • Enhanced governance practices with the RMU Board of Trustees
  • Establishment of the RMU Public Safety Notification and signage across campus
  • Enhanced signage urging RMU constituents to “Do the Right Thing”
  • Broadened reporting capability for the Ethics Point reporting hotline
  • Numerous revisions to departmental and university policies/procedures, including interim procedures for events involving minors
  • Additional security cameras installed and other security measures added on campus and at the Island Sports Center

However, one of the greatest gaps that surfaced from the group’s work was the need for a university-wide policy that would provide overarching guidance in all interactions with minors. I am pleased to report that we are now prepared to officially adopt the RMU Protection of Minors Policy.  

This policy applies to all individuals who interact with minors in the course of university operations, including students, vendors, and contractors. It provides guidelines and standards as to how one is behave and interact with minors. In addition, it sets forth requirements for registration of events with minors and clearance and other requirements for those who participate in these events.