I. Scope
II. Definitions
III. Minors on Campus
IV. Guidelines and Responsibilities
V. Reporting Potential Crimes Involving Minors
VI. Registration
VII. Enforcement
VIII. Random Audits, Policy Implementation and Modification
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C


Individuals participating in RMU sponsored events should speak with the Human Resources department for possible assistance with and payment of clearances.

Act 33:

Child Abuse History

  • Shows reports, arrests & convictions of child abuse in Pennsylvania
  • Must submit with money order
  • Must be completed by the individual via hard copy (no electronic option)
  • Select box for school employee
  • Processing time ~3 weeks 
  • Results are mailed directly to the individual’s home address

Act 34:

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Check

  • Shows criminal arrests and convictions in Pennsylvania and cooperating states
  • Results based upon "a comparison of data provided by the requester against information contained in the files of the PA State Policy Central Repository only. The PA State Police response does not preclude the existence of criminal records which might be contained in the repositories of other local, state or federal criminal justice agencies" 
  • Submit electronically; payment by credit card
  • Immediate results of either "Pending, No Record, or Request Under Review" - see below*

Act 73:

FBI Background Clearance - Fingerprint

  • Shows arrests and convictions nationwide for all serious misdemeanors and above
  • Select option for DPW - Department of Public Welfare
  • Can pay via credit or debit card
  • Payments are linked to the individual's SS#
  • Results are mailed directly to the individual’s home address

* Pending - response did not come back quick enough; check again later
* No Record - based on data entered by user, no criminal info contained in the files of the PA State Police Central Repository
* Under Review - does NOT indicate a criminal record; PSP will subsequently mail a letter explaining whether the response indicates a criminal record